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Brief Explanation

Fires usually start and spread in dry fine fuels (leaves) which ignite increasingly larger size classes of fuels. If fine fuels (leaves) are reduced or missing, a fire may not ignite or spread.

-“Fine fuels (leaves) carry the fire in the flaming front” W. R. Fons 1946.


- Removing the fine fuel (leaves) from the flaming front reduces and slows down or stops the fire front from advancing.


- Crown fire will ignite and sustain in a minimum condition of bulk density and heat (Joe H. Scott).

Conclusion : Foliage reduction will prevent sustained combustion. This leads to controlling the fire line and stopping the wildfire progression.

Why we love what we do


Fighting Treetop Fire by removing fine fuel from wildfire.



Daniel Leigh, Founder, Electro-optics Physicist. Zvika Avni Ph.D Forester, Ecologist, Jerusalem Israel.​, +972-508-498118.


Forest fires become dangerous and get out of control when moving from ground to treetop fires combined with extreme wind and weather conditions. We present a new "out of the box" method and tool dedicated exactly for such uncontrollable conditions. This in particular gives a unique rescue tool to remotely create a safe zone or an escape route for trapped firefighters' or residence.


When we examined the dynamics of  forest fire's losing control we could  explain the chain of events as so: Treetops have a thin burning material including leaves and twigs with a very large surface area sparsely placed with plenty of oxygen so they light up easily and burn rapidly while generating much heat. Heat transported by air currents and radiation to neighboring forest canopy also ignite easily - thus fire moving rapidly from treetop to treetop. This dynamics becomes easily uncontrollable in rapid winds and dry weather combined with other risky weather conditions.

 Fighting Treetop Fire (FTF) is a patent pending tool based on today's well established technology of laser and computers with a systematic algorithm that will enable to cut down quickly and remove the fine fuel from the canopy. Thus the advancing treetop fire will be forced down from treetop to ground fire.​


The proposed method can be used in front of the advancing fire thus removing the fine fuel in the treetops before they have had a chance to become part of that fire endangering precious lives and properties.

By dropping the fine fuel from the treetop to the ground, we are actually forming a compact high moister bed with restricted air flow thus helping the fire suppression at this stage adding the traditional water, chemicals and fire retardants as required.


FTF tools are capable of working continuously in all weather conditions with no need to refill and from a safer distance.

Global warming demands rapid innovative solutions as FTF.


Keywords: Forestfire, rescue, safe zone, innovation, patent, investment, technology, wildfire, firefighting.


FTF Press Release: Aug-13-2013, Jerusalem, Israel.


Presented at the 2013 AFAC and Bushfire CRC Conference, Melbourne, Australia.



​​Copyright,  All rights reserved, Proprietary of Daniel Leigh, Jerusalem Israel.

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