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Current and Potential

Two side-effects of the impracticality and inefficiency of today's tools to suppress and prevent large wildfires entangled with the destruction such a wildfire can cause are:

    1) The estimated economical loss done by large uncontrollable wildfires is catastrophically large (see figure above, data from "The True Cost of Wildfire in the Western U.S." by Western Forestry Leadership Coalition, Colorado, USA).

    2) Governments around the world invest vast amounts of money trying to prevent and suppress wildfires (see figure below, data from Wildfire Management: Federal Funding and Related Statistics, CRS Report R43077).

This "entanglement" of danger and helplessness can be seen looking at the distribution of suppression budget across different kinds (according to severity, measured by acres affected) of wildfires in the US:

Our new technology will allow preventing and suppressing wildfire that are uncontrollable currently, thus reducing the affected area by wildfires significantly and saving billions of dollars both directly from the suppression cost and even much more substantially preventing most of the economical loss of a greater fire.

Given the savings in lives, in forest preservation and in economic loss and suppression funding, alongside the intractability of the problem with the tools available today, the current and potential market for our new technology is in the billion-dollar regions and is ripe for the introduction of FTF's systems. We believe our technology is a truly important game changer and an unbelievable investment opportunity.

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