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A sustainable way to fight fires

What is FTF?

Fighting Treetop Fire (FTF) is a company developing an AI and laser based  technology to constrain wildfire by stripping leaves off trees, thus preventing fire front from advancing as a treetop fire and forcing it down to a controllable fire which we know how to suppress with currently deployed tools.


The company stands after several strengthening collaborations with universities and professional experts in the field and after preliminary experiments showing proof-of-concept for some of the basic ideas at the root of our technology.


We now aim at large-scale experiments and prototype development.

In this website you can see brief and more in-depth descriptions of the technology, alongside a selected photos and video clips from some of our preliminary experiments, the scale of the problem our solution comes to alleviate, the relevant market of suppression and prevention of wildfire and means to contact us.


Please feel free and do contact us with any query or inquiry. FTF is an Israeli-based company.

Forest Fire

Who are we?

The technology at the heart of the company was submitted for a patent in 2010, and FTF was founded in 2012 by Daniel Leigh, a physicist expert in the field of Electro-Optics and Laser technologies.


After reaching out to the former Chief Forester of JNF Dr. Zvika Avni for an opinion and collaboration, Avni joined to lead FTF.


Several years later Noach Cholev joined as a co-founder and brought the managemental and financial experience to the table.


Stav Morris, architect, is head of graphic design in FTF.

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